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Christian Education Benefit Solutions

About Us

Christian Education Benefit Solutions (CEB Solutions) provides health and pension products and services, designed specifically by and for the Canadian Christian education community. As a Christian education community with decades of experience and a deep commitment to strengthening Christian education, we understand the unique challenges that Christian educational institutions face as they meet the retirement and health care needs of their staff.

Our flexible, cost-effective health and pension plans provide a range of benefit solutions to help Christian educational organizations attract and retain world-class staff. The CEB Solutions Health and Pension plans are given oversight by a Trustee board made up of Canadian Christian education champions and plan participants who are passionate about ensuring Christian Education in Canada flourishes, both now and into the future.

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Plan Sponsor

Christian Education Benefit Solutions Society is the Canadian Sponsor of the Christian Education Benefit Solutions Health and Pension Plans. The Society is represented by a Board made up of former Trustees, Christian educators, former members of Christian educational organizations or people who have expertise in pension or health benefits. Their role is to:

  1. Appoint the Trustees;

  2. Approve plan design changes to the Christian Education Pension Plan;

  3. Serve as an appeal board with respect to the decisions of the Trustees affecting beneficiaries of the Plans; and

  4. Service in an advisory capacity to the Trustees as the Trustees require.

All Canadian Christian educational organizations participating in the health and/or pension plans are automatically members of the Christian Education Benefit Solutions Society.

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Christian Education Employee Benefits Team

Having employee benefits is an invaluable asset, but what good are they if they’re hard to understand and use? Plan participants receive excellent, responsive service through the Christian Education Employee Benefits Team.

Our Christian Education Employee Benefits Team is made up of dedicated professionals who are ready to serve you and answer your questions. The team has a deep familiarity with the plans, and the unique needs of Christian Educational school employees.

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Jonathan Bilodeau

Canada Managing Director

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Brian Meekhof

Assistant Managing Director

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Brenda Addie

Employee Benefits Specialist

001 Val Photo July 2022

Val Avink

Benefits Assistant

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John Bolt

US Managing Director

Laura B 052023

Laura Brinks

Employee Benefits Specialist

001 Laura Photo July 2022

Laura Landstra

Employee Benefits Specialist

001 Becky Photo July 2022

Becky Oudshoorn

Employee Benefits Specialist

001 Todd Photo July 2022

Todd Schilthuis

Pension & Insurance Account Manager

001 Karen S Photo July 2022

Karen Sharda

Administrative Assistant

001 Amy Photo July 2022

Amy Slachter

Employee Benefits Specialist


A new organization, with a long history of excellence.

In 1943, a group of Christian schools came together to build employee benefit plans and services, designed specifically by and for the Canadian Christian education community.

In 2021, these deeply rooted plans found a new Canadian home, in Christian Education Benefit Solutions. With excellent Canadian Trustees appointed to give oversight and care to the pension and health benefit plans on behalf of participating Canadian Christian education organizations, they’re a stronger option than ever.

Today, these world-class plans serve over 100 schools, and over 6,000 participants. In 2020/2021, the Christian Education Health Plan paid over $7 million in claims. The Pension Plan serves retirees from 100 schools across Canada, paying out pension benefits of over $17 million in 2020/2021.


The Trustees are responsible for the management of the Trust Funds and the administration of the Plans. The Trustees appointed to manage the Christian Education Benefit Solutions Health and Pension Plans actively ensure that the plans meet the needs of participating schools and individuals and advocate on behalf of plan participants.

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Ken Volkenant

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Keith Oosthoek

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Marvin DeVries

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Sandra Kolarcik

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John van der Leek

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Peter Buisman

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Ian Timmerman

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Marianne Vangoor