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Christian Education Health Plan

Coverage for Schools and Their Staff

Comprehensive Insurance

To best meet the needs of our member Christian education organizations and their staff, we offer five flex options for extended health and dental care, as well as choices for life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D), disability, critical illness insurance, Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), occupational coverage, co-op student occupational coverage, international student insurance, Health Care Spending Accounts (HCSA), and retiree insurance.

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Todd Schilthuis

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Benefits are available to active full-time and certain part-time employees of our member schools and educational institutions across Canada.

Designed for the varying needs of employees, schools may choose from four eligibility requirement options: 40 percent, 50 percent, 60 percent, or 75 percent of full-time employment.

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Health and Dental Insurance

The Christian Education Health Plan offers 5 flex plan options for health and dental care through Manulife. Schools may participate in all five flex plans or choose a selection that best fits the needs of the school. If more than one flex option is selected by a school, each employee may choose the flex plan best suited to his or her needs. Telemedicine by CloudMD/Kii is included for all participants with Health coverage (a Flex plan).

Life Insurance

Life/AD&D Insurance for Employees

We offer coverage levels of $25,000 or 1.5 times employee's annual salary.

Life/AD&D Insurance for Dependents

We offer coverage levels of $10,000 spouse/$5,000 child or $2,500 spouse/$2,500 child.

Optional Life Insurance for Employees and Dependents

For added peace of mind, employees may apply for additional life insurance coverage for employee, spouse, and/or children.

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Disability Coverage

We offer three disability plans which include both short-term and long-term disability coverage. The plans vary in benefit percentage and tax status of the benefit (taxable or non-taxable).

Short-term disability benefits are self-funded, while long-term disability benefits are fully insured by Manulife.

Cost-of-Living Allowance (COLA) upgrade is available.

Critical Illness Insurance

Offered as an optional coverage for employee, spouse, and/or children, the benefit is a lump-sum payment if a covered person is diagnosed with one of the covered conditions listed in the Plan.

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Employee and Family Assistance Program

Confidential employee and family support program for everyday life challenges, including counselling and therapy, addiction support, health and life coaching, child and eldercare services, and health and wellness support.

Occupational Coverage

We offer this coverage for part-time employees who don't meet the eligibility requirement for individual enrolment in the Christian Education Health Plan.

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Student Insurance

Co-op Student Occupational Coverage

Provides insurance for students at co-op work assignments away from the school.

International Student Insurance

Provides insurance for international students studying at our member schools.

Health Care Spending Account

Offered as a benefit upgrade; schools choose the funding level for their eligible employees.

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Retiree Insurance

We offer two retiree plans which include health, dental, and life insurance.

Benefits Administration

Benefits are administered under the terms of the Christian Education Health Plan and Trust Fund by a board of trustees. The trust is a not-for-profit health and welfare trust dedicated solely to providing certain employee benefits and services related to those benefits. The trust is not an insurance company and is not subject to regulation under the relevant insurance legislation of some provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba. Extended health care, dental care, and health care spending account benefits are funded by the Trust, and Manulife Financial serves as the claim administrator. Short-term disability benefit is administered and funded by the trust. The employee/family assistance plan is provided by CloudMD through an online platform called Kii; student occupational plan benefits are provided by the AIG Insurance Company of Canada; all other benefits are underwritten by Manulife Financial.

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Current Health Plan Participants

Contact Laura Landstra with questions about your individual health plan.

Joining the Health Plan

Schools can join the health plan any time throughout the year.

To learn more, contact Todd Schilthuis.

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Laura Landstra

Employee Benefits Specialist

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Todd Schilthuis

Pension & Insurance Account Manager