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Christian Education Pension Plan


The Christian Education Pension Plan is designed to provide an important part of the income needed for retirement. The plan is a defined benefit pension plan and was established by Christian Education Benefit Solutions for employees of its schools in Canada. Both participants and schools benefit when educators are able to retire at an appropriate age because they have sufficient resources to do so. However, given the limited financial resources of many schools, predictability of this sufficiency can be a challenge. Our pension program allows for the provision of retirement benefits to all participating Christian school employees.

As more Christian educational organizations participate, the Pension Plan is strengthened. The Pension Plan is overseen by a Trustee Board made up of Canadian Christian educators and financial experts who have a vested interest in ensuring the Christian Education Pension Plan is the best option for retirement.

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There are several advantages that Christian education staff enjoy when they partner together through the Christian Education Pension Plan.

1. The Collective Strength of a Group Plan

  • Shared Expertise: All pension investments are overseen by a Board of Trustees and professional money managers.
  • Shared Risk, Shared Reward. Our Pension Plan spreads investment risk over all Christian educational organizations and participants.
  • Benefit for Life: Pension Plan participants receive an annuity for life, regardless of investment returns or life span.

2. We are You

The trustees and sponsor committee who manage your plans have a vested interest in making sure Christian education employees and organizations are cared for because they themselves are educators and leaders invested personally in the sector. We understand the unique challenges that Christian educational organizations face and have curated and created our plans specifically to meet the retirement and health care needs of Christian educational organization staff.

3. Managed by Experts

Our Christian Education Employee Benefits Team is made up of dedicated professionals that manage and administer your pension and health benefits. Our team includes Certified Employee Benefit Specialists with years of training and experience. You can rest easy knowing a collective group of employees and trustees are overseeing your benefit plans, on your behalf. Our job is to serve you and answer your questions, and ultimately to simplify the complexities of pension and insurance so you can be free to live out your Christian education mission.

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Current Pension Plan Participants

Contact Brenda Addie with questions about your individual pension plan.

Joining the Pension Plan

To learn more, contact Todd Schilthuis.

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Brenda Addie

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